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6 Easy Pieces for Double Bass and Piano by Lourdes Montgomery (edited by Michael Montgomery)

6 Easy Pieces for Double Bass and Piano by Lourdes Montgomery (edited by Michael Montgomery)

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About the Collection

Lourdes Montgomery’s little pieces for double bass and piano were written for and named after several of her husband's, Michael’s students, aged six to nine years old, who after a year or so of study had completed their first volume of the Suzuki method and were in need of supplemental material before progressing to the second book. These young bassists, all members of the Ozark Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, hail from families that enrich the cultural tapestry of Northwest Arkansas by sharing with us traditions they bring from El Salvador, Mexico, and Columbia.

In these short and relatively simple new compositions, the composer presents some skills the novice double bass student might or might not as of yet come across. For example, though it might be presumed that the first-year pupil is already familiar with the dotted quarter/eighth note rhythm and has worked through the bow recovery needed to play two consecutive down bows, those concepts are reinforced in these works.

Some techniques possibly less encountered initially, such as the use of the A and E strings, accented, tenuto, and staccato articulations, and pizzicato played with the left hand, are presented here. Half, first, and second positions are used exclusively in the first three works, third through sixth positions are used in the last three, and dynamic indications range from piano to fortissimo. Any young bassist who has completed the first bass book of the Suzuki Method or classroom methods such as Essential Elements and Orchestral Expressions should find themself sufficiently prepared to tackle these very accessible new works with confidence.

About the Composer

Lourdes C. Montgomery has been the music director of St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church since 2005. Her liturgical hymns are published by Oregon Catholic Press. 2008, “Bienaventurados,” one of Lourdes’ liturgical compositions, was performed at a Mass celebrated by Pope Benedict XVI in Washington, D.C.’s Nationals Park stadium.

About the Editor

Michael Montgomery received his Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Miami, where he studied double bass with Lucas Drew. He played double bass with the Philharmonic Orchestra for many years and now teaches double bass at the University of Arkansas and teaches at his own private studio of double bass students in Rogers, Arkansas.

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