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Arnold Schnitzer

Arnold Schnitzer: The Handy Double Bassist - Maintenance, Adjustments, and Minor Repairs for the non-luthier (e-book)

Arnold Schnitzer: The Handy Double Bassist - Maintenance, Adjustments, and Minor Repairs for the non-luthier (e-book)

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About the e-Book

Many bassists perform minor adjustments and repairs as they maintain their instruments. Developing those skills and the confidence to diagnose and remedy minor issues is not only satisfying, but it can also save you money. The Handy Double Bassist by well-known professional bass luthier Arnold Schnitzer specifies the tools and supplies needed, where to find them, and how to use them.

Chapters include “Bridge Adjusting,” “Minor Crack Repairs, “Wolf Tones,” and “Troubleshooting.”

Edited and Formatted by Christian Chesanek
Cover art by Kenn Lucas
116 Pages


The relationship between musicians and the luthiers that care for their instruments cannot be overemphasized. More specifically, I feel that, in many ways the amazing progress of the double bass in all styles of music in the last few decades has gone hand-in-hand with the innovations brought forth by a collection of luthiers focused on the upright bass.

Simply put, they have made our job easier! One of these special craftsmen that I have had the pleasure of working with over the years is Arnold Schnitzer, the author of this fine book. Within lies a trove of information gleaned from his years of experience that will allow bassists to feel more secure with their instruments.

Of course, we will still need people like Arnold for certain repairs, but the knowledge he is sharing will help all of us connect with our instruments in a deeper way. This should allow my fellow bassists to continue pushing the instrument forward and finding the music within.

-Larry Grenadier, world-renowned Jazz Bassist

Review from The Strad

"The book’s format is perfect for its intended use and audience. Its high-quality images of instruments, repair demonstrations, tools, and sketches allow the reader to see clearly what the author describes in the text. Throughout the handbook, the reader is given multiple designated pages to make notes about their personal instrument. This is helpful as the standard measurements for double basses are often all over the place.

The introduction begins with a list of tools needed. Schnitzer later gives instructions on where to purchase some of the luthier-specific items. Throughout the book, he gives informed tips on bridge adjustment, buzzes and rattles, minor cracks, emergency repairs, and much more.

My favourite chapter addresses the issues in maintaining a consistent humidity level. Humidity can be a serious concern for cracks, buzzes and the playability of any wooden musical instrument. The double bass, with its long and wide plates of tonewood is exceptionally notorious for expensive crack repairs due to humidity. Schnitzer gives the reader tips for keeping basses at a consistent humidity level and avoiding many unnecessary repair bills."

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About the Author

Arnold E. Schnitzer became adept at woodworking and tool usage at a young age. While attaining a conservatory degree in music, he began maintaining and building instruments while also working as a professional musician. He ran a busy and successful repair and sales business in the NYC suburbs for 30-plus years.

Now living in New Mexico, he concentrates on making new Basses and Cellos. Arnold has served as an instructor at the Violin Society of America/Oberlin Double Bass Workshops and as a workmanship judge for the VSA Makers Competition. He has won numerous awards for his instruments from both the International Society of Bassists and VSA.

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