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Lucas Drew

77 Baroque Bass Lines (compiled and edited by Lucas Drew)

77 Baroque Bass Lines (compiled and edited by Lucas Drew)

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About the Collection

The collection of "Etudes" drawn from the basso continuo parts of various Baroque sonatas for Flute and Keyboard, as well as the chorales of J.S. Bach, will, it is hoped, prove to be of musical as well as technical value to the student and aspiring professional performers on the double bass. Each of these lines should be studied for phrasing and sense of style, as well as technique, and the player should at all times be aware of the melodic and harmonic implications or functions of each in note, in addition to the technical demands of fingering and bowing.

This collection may be used after the student has learned the various positions in order to help reinforce their knowledge of the fingerboard. Actual fingerings have been omitted in order to permit the player to make their own decisions here, consistent with the style and tempo of each line. Further, specific bowings have also been omitted, to help the player make their own, relatively simple decisions as regards the direction of the bow.

Lucas Drew
Editor, St. Francis Music Publications
Professor Emeritus, University of Miami Frost School of Music

About Lucas Drew

Lucas Drew, after a distinguished career of more than 40 years of teaching and performing is now Professor Emeritus at the University of Miami Frost School of Music and Principal Double Bass Emeritus of the Florida Philharmonic Orchestra. Also, he is Founder/Artistic Director Emeritus of the Highlands - Cashiers (NC) Chamber Music Festival (1982-1999).

Dr. Drew studied double bass with Allen Warner, Dmitri Shmuklovsky, and Edward Krolick and later, coached with Frederick Zimmermann. He is a graduate of the University of Miami, University of Illinois, and Florida State University. Many of his former students are active in the music profession.

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