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David Heyes

Simón García: Bass Monsters for double bass quartet

Simón García: Bass Monsters for double bass quartet

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About the Composition

Bass Monsters is rhythmic and energetic, brimming full of bravado and character. Anyone who knows the music of Simón García will love this quartet, which is both player and audience friendly and explores the entire register of the double bass. 

Aimed at the advanced bass quartet, there are musical and technical challenges for each player, creating an amazing work that never fails to thrill. 

Simón García writes: "Bass Monsters was commissioned by Claus Freudenstein, leader of the international double bass ensemble of the same name who play rock music as a double bass quartet. 

The piece begins with an introduction in epic style where, little by little, the music reaches a climax and from here, the main piece begins, which was inspired by the British Heavy Metal 'Iron Maiden'. To give the maximum possible realism, I wrote it the same as any song of this style, with slow and fast differentiated parts, lyrics and chorus, guitar solo... Accompaniments with a rhythmic force along with virtuosic solos make this piece very fresh and very forceful. The changes of sections and modulations surprise the audience at every moment and the piece transmits an energy that soon spreads." 

About the Composer

Bassist and composer Simón García was born in Mugardos (Spain) in 1977 and graduated in double bass from the Conservatorio Superior of Salamanca. He has worked as a double bassist in the Royal Orchestra of Galicia, having also performed in many orchestras throughout Spain, and is the bassist in the Symphony Wind Orchestra of A Coruña. He has collaborated with many musicians and ensembles, particularly in the field of contemporary music, and has recorded and performed on many commercial recordings and for television and radio broadcasts. 

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