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Helen Svoboda

Helen Svoboda: Beetroot (in blossom) for solo bass

Helen Svoboda: Beetroot (in blossom) for solo bass

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About the Composition

Due to the jazz/improvised music influence, the video is rather different than the score, with more room for improvisation and extended sections. The video is intended mainly as a starting point/musical reference for anyone wishing to interpret the score.

About the Composer

With a deep awareness of extra-musical concepts that shape inventive improvisation, and great art.. ‘ (Steve Newcomb, AUS), she draws influence mainly from vegetables, flowers and the genres of minimalist neo-classical music to folk and experimental jazz.

With a steadfast 'desire and ability to create and perform original music’ (Rafael Karlen, AUS), Svoboda has developed a distinctive sound across many different musical avenues. Pursuing a passion for unusual combinations of instrumentation, she is defined not by genre, but by her addiction to music and her love of exciting creative environments (both plant and non-plant related).

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