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Bottesini: Fantasia I Puritani Duetto Per Violoncello e Contrabasso (Urtext Edition)

Bottesini: Fantasia I Puritani Duetto Per Violoncello e Contrabasso (Urtext Edition)

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About the Composition

After an orchestral (or piano) introduction, taken from the orchestral opening of the opera, and a short duo cadenza [bar 53], Piatti and Bottesini together present the Act 1 tenor aria 'A te, o cara' [bar 56] in which Arturo sings of his love for Elvira. A short orchestral (or piano) interlude [bar 81] - the music here taken from the Act 1 chorus 'A festa' in which the villagers and soldiers celebrate the news of Elvira's forthcoming wedding - then leads into Piatti and Bottesini sharing a rendition of the Act 3 duet "Nel mirarti un solo istante" [bar 94] in which Elvira and an apologetic Arturo are reunited. Following solo variations on this number by each player, 'A festa' is presented once more [bar 154], this time shared between our soloists, from which they segue into the Act 1 baritone aria 'Bel sogno beato' [bar 194] in which Riccardo despairs in his unrequited love for Elvira. Another cadenza [bar 250] and extended coda of the composers' own invention brings the duo concertante to a virtuoso conclusion.

Press Quote

“A duetto for violoncello and contra basso, by the two lion performers, Piatti and Bottesini, created a furore. It was as though - to depart from our lion metaphor - a rhinoceros contended with an elephant, and neither could obtain the mastery. Such an instrumental trial of strength was perhaps never before witnessed. Had Paganini come to life, and fiddle in hand encountered Ernst, the struggle for priority could scarcely have excited more interest, or created more applause. Each artist was on his metal, and surpassed himself. Italian art was never made more manifest, or rendered more triumphant than on this occasion. To describe the performance is impossible; to describe the effect on the audience is equally impossible. Not dealing in impossibilities we shall attempt neither, but consign both to the imagination of our readers."

What You'll Recieve

Bass and cello parts, piano reduction, a list of edits attributed to Bottesini's autographed score housed at Stanford University.

Please Note

The piece can only be played in solo tuning.

Orchestral Version

There is also a version of this work scored with a full orchestra (period and modern instruments versions) for an additional fee. 

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