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David Heyes

Gaspar Sanz/Michal Bylina: Suite from the time of Captain Alatriste for unaccompanied double bass

Gaspar Sanz/Michal Bylina: Suite from the time of Captain Alatriste for unaccompanied double bass

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About the Composition

"He was not the most honest or pious of men, but he was courageous. His name was Diego Alatriste y Tenorio, and he had fought in the ranks during the Flemish Wars” 

Michal Bylina writes: "With these words starts the first of a series of novels by Arturo Perez Reverte titled “Capitán Alatriste”. Its main character, a Spanish soldier and man of fortune living in the 17th-century quickly became my main inspiration for writing this Suite. 

The music describes best the life of the man and the spirit of that time - the time of Spain’s greatest flourishes and expansion. It tells a story full of glory, grief, victories, sorrow, joy and longing – feelings that accompanied men like Alatriste constantly. 

The music was originally written by Gaspar Sanz, before 1674, and published in “Instrucción de música sobre la Guitarra Española”. Having heard these compositions and having read the books I instantly associated one to another and decided to create a Suite by choosing my favourite tunes out of it and thus let us, double bassists, experience and travel in time back to Spanish Baroque." 

About the Composer

Classical bassist, early music bassist, composer and one of the few Viennese bass specialists, Michał Bylina received his Bachelor degree at the Academy of Music in Kraków with Dr. Krzysztof Firlus in 2018, graduating with distinction. Since then he has studied with Korneel Le Compte at Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussels, who described him as: “Exceptionally talented, very enthusiastic, with positive attitude. A model student in all areas.” 

Michał was awarded with distinction during the Bonawentura Nancka Double Bass Competition (2015) and the IX International Franz Simandl Double Bass Competition (2018). As a composer, Michał Bylina writes mostly for the double bass. His most important works include Preludes and Fugues, Baroque Fantasias and Ricercars all for double bass solo. 

His music was recently recognized by Bertram Turetzky, who commented: “Thank you for all that music! I'm overwhelmed with the quality of the music and the extent of your productivity.” Many of his compositions have been premiered in different countries including USA, Germany, Venezuela, Italy and Great Britain. 

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