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Daniel Chiva Sanz: 3 Duets for 2 Double Basses

Daniel Chiva Sanz: 3 Duets for 2 Double Basses

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About the Duets

Daniel Chiva Sanz writes: "3 Duets for 2 Double Basses can be performed as a suite or separately.

Duo No. 1 begins with a frenetic rhythm which is followed by a powerful melody. This first movement is very influenced by action movie music and especially Marvel film sound tracks. The sul ponticello effect by double bass 2 should be played gently leaving the string free for all the harmonics to speak and providing a gentle accompaniment for the col legno style of bass 1. The tempos marked in the score are only a suggestion and players should feel free to explore different tempos and to create their own interpretation.

Duo No. 2 has two contrasting sections. The first creates a peaceful atmosphere with a light melody which should be played with a small vibrato and creating a long line full of expression. If the first duo was influenced by film music the second part of this one is influenced by pop-rock music.

Irish and folk music are evident in Duo No. 3. Some music ideas from first duo have been recapped and the melodies in the central section have to be played sadly and with poignancy. The end has to be triumphant and powerful.

These three duos have been composed to be played with a friend hopefully enjoying the beautiful melodies and rhythmic accompaniments. I wanted to create different style of duets which easy to listen to and suitable for any audience or occasion."

About the Composer

Daniel Chiva Sanz is a double bassist and composer from Ludiente (Spain). He is dedicated to orchestral playing, with experience in ensembles from early music to contemporary, and is highly interested in solo playing, focusing on new repertoire for unaccompanied double bass.

Daniel's compositions have been published by Recital Music (UK) and ProBass (Germany), and have been performed in more than 5 countries. He has orchestrated and performed the almost forgotten Concerto No.2 Op. 25 by Th. A. Findeisen.

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