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David Heyes

Simón García: Danza Chinesca (Chinese Dance) for double bass ensemble (or quintet)

Simón García: Danza Chinesca (Chinese Dance) for double bass ensemble (or quintet)

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About the Composition

Danza Chinesca (Chinese Dance) is a lively, exciting, and evocative piece for massed double basses, also playable by a quintet. A wealth of playing styles such as sul ponticello, glissando, tremolando, harmonics, and percussive effects, create an oriental sound world that is immediately attractive for players and audiences alike. Each part offers effective challenges for a range of abilities and the composer has written a colorful work full of rhythmic energy and momentum.

Danza Chinesca was premiered at Wells Cathedral School (Somerset, UK) on Sunday 26 February 2012 and is dedicated to David Heyes.

Notes from the Composer

Simón García writes: 'Danza Chinesca is a piece written to be used at workshops and the theme is inspired by traditional Chinese music and uses different effects and sounds to simulate some of the traditional Chinese instruments. It is an interesting piece for young bass players because they will play with the bow, pizzicato, jazz pizzicato, percussion, glissando, harmonics, tremolo, and sul ponticello, with the addition of solo and tutti sections. It is written so that it be can played with students of elementary and advanced levels. The accompaniment changes gradually until the Chinese theme becomes hip-hop music.'

About the Composer

Simón García’s music is lively, jazzy, and rhythmic with great forward momentum and drive. Accessible for players and audiences alike, he writes colorful music of distinction and energy, employing the entire range of the double bass.

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