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Abayomi Osisanya

Abayomi Osisanya: Delivery of the Bouquet for solo double bass

Abayomi Osisanya: Delivery of the Bouquet for solo double bass

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About the Composition

This piece is about a gardener that falls in love with a lady, but can't bring himself to tell her of his feelings towards her, so he does the next best thing: he makes a personalized bouquet of flowers for her. As the piece progresses, he is taking the bouquet to her, and in doing so, he has feelings of anxiousness and worry about whether she will accept this bouquet (and therefore his feelings towards her), but it's all overcome with affirmation-esque reminders. At the end of the piece, she accepts the bouquet, leading to an almost bittersweet moment of reflection - all the work he put into getting this to happen, even without a guarantee that it would, and it did!

 About the Composer

Abayomi Osisanya is a music composition major at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), and he studies double bass under Dr. Jack Unzicker and Professor Tyler Shepherd. Within the variety of works he writes, he composes mainly for orchestra and solo double bass, as those are the two areas he's most passionate about. He has played with the UTA Symphony Orchestra since 2019, including their 2023 performance at the Texas Music Educators Association Annual Convention.

His compositions have been performed at the University of North Texas Bradetich Summer Bass camp in 2019, UTA's 24*24 Recitals, and at masterclasses with Bill Clay, Eddie Gomez, Brian Perry, and many other bass players. Recent projects include a symphony and a religiously informed suite of solo double bass pieces. When he is not composing or playing double bass, he enjoys cooking and spending time with his church friends and family.

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