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David Heyes

Simón García: Dreams Can Come True for double bass sextet or ensemble

Simón García: Dreams Can Come True for double bass sextet or ensemble

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About the Composition

Dreams Can Come True is an inventive and exciting work that can be performed by double bass sextet or larger forces. The music is both colorful and evocative, rhythmic and energetic, with something of interest for each player. Jazzy rhythms contrast lyrical melodies in a work that is designed to please.

From the Composer

Simón García writes: "Gaelen MacCormick asked me to write a new piece to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the International Society of Bassists (ISB). The piece would be aimed at an ensemble of young bassists where all players of different ability levels could play together and should contain a well-known quote from the double bass repertoire. Thinking about the musicians who would play it I thought about using "The Elephant" by Camille Saint-Säens, a piece that even the young bassists would know.

I had written quotes in two previous works so for this special celebration I thought of writing an original work inspired by the Saint-Säens ́s theme. After a mysterious introduction where nothing hints to the audience what they will hear, but little by little there appear elements of the Saint-Säens ́s piece which become more evident and then I used fragments, in re-gradation and in different ways. The final result is a colorful work with different moods and both technical and musical challenges for the young players. In short, this is an up-to-date, personal, and deconstructed vision of The Elephant, maybe similar to the one that Saint-Säens himself would have written if he had known the world of the double-bass of this 21st-century."

About the Composer

Simón García’s music is lively, jazzy, and rhythmic with great forward momentum and drive. Accessible for players and audiences alike, he writes colorful music of distinction and energy, employing the entire range of the double bass.

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