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Guillermo Soteldo

Bottesini: Elegia No. 3 (Romanza Patetica - Melodie in E) for double bass and string quintet or string orchestra (Soteldo)

Bottesini: Elegia No. 3 (Romanza Patetica - Melodie in E) for double bass and string quintet or string orchestra (Soteldo)

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About the Edition

In this Edition, you will find both versions, the Romanza Patetica and Melodia in E. This adaptation for solo double bass and string orchestra or string quintet is based on the piano score (Parma 47538) of the Bottesini manuscript that is located in Parma for the Romanza Patetica and the Flechsig edition for the Melodia in E.

The numbering of the three elegies comes from Bottesini himself: Elegy 1 (in D), Elegy 2 (Romanza Dramatica), and Elegy No. 3 (Romanza Patetica). The Elegy Nº 3 or Romanza Pathetic was first published by Richault in Pairs (c.1880) in E minor, titled Mélodie. Bottesini’s eight-bar introduction, omitted in the first edition, was restored in a more recent reprint edited by Flechsig.

The Flechsig version transcribes the solo part down an octave, changes very little from the first edition. There is a 10 bars difference between the manuscripts and the Flechsig edition, that difference star at bar 89 when the main idea is in E major, to bar 111 (Flechsig edition) or bar 101 Bottesini´s handwritten, being this edition longer than the 3 copies in the Autograph score Parma, Library of the Music Conservatory.

In the book entitled Giovanni Bottesini edited by Gaspare Nello Vetro (1989) there is not a lot of information about Elegia No. 3 or the Melodia, only a short mention on pages 173 and 174 where appears cataloged together with the other works of the composer, in this pages showing the times that have been published at the time that this book was edited:

Giovanni Bottesini by Gaspare Nello Vetro (1989)

page 173 - Elegy n. 3 in F, with piano accompaniment

(referring to the Melodia in E min., See)

Autograph score. Parma, Library of the Music Conservatory;

page 174 - Melody or pathetic Romance, with piano accompaniment

▪   Autograph score. Parma, Library of the Music Conservatory;

▪   Handwritten score. Palermo, Library of the Music Conservatory;

▪   Paris, Richault, 1879, no. and. 15180. In the copy in possession of the Library of the Conservatory of Music of Parma (n. 61366), there are at the beginning of the composition some autograph changes by Bottesini

Edited by R. Slatford. London, Yorke, copyright. 1974, no. and. YE 0037; (in "Yorke Complete Bottesini", v. I);

Edited by L. Streicher. Wien, Doblinger, s.d. , num. and . 03978;

Edited by Flechsig. Paris, Costallat, s.d. , num. and . 15180; (Rétirage de l'édition de Richault, 1879). Paris, Billaudot, 1982; T. Presser Editions, s.d. , num. and PRB 5

If you are interested in the manuscript score, find it here.

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