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David Heyes

Katrina Gordon: Feathered Friends for beginner double bass & piano

Katrina Gordon: Feathered Friends for beginner double bass & piano

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About the Compositions

Feathered Friends is a set of 12 short enjoyable, characterful and lively pieces for the beginner bassist and was composed in 2009 for Recital Music's BassLines project. Each piece can be played in 1st position, although half position can be introduced in several, and they employ a limited number of notes, keys, note values, and rhythms. Teachers should feel confident to teach the pieces in the order best suited to each student.

The accompaniments are simple and supportive, aimed at the bass teacher with some pianistic skills, and Katrina Gordon has a successful and proven record when writing lively, enjoyable, fun, and accessible music for younger players. Each piece includes an evocative written description to inspire the young bassists to create a mini-tone poem in a short space of time. This is music to be enjoyed by players, teachers, and audiences alike.

About the Composer

Katrina Gordon studied at the Royal Academy of Music (London) and the Royal Northern College of Music and went on to pursue a career as a freelance bassoon player in Scotland. She performed with many of the leading Scottish orchestras and ensembles. She now lives in her native town of Thurso, located on the far north coast of Scotland, where a lively amateur music scene has widened her musical horizons.

Table of Contents

1. Mrs Blackbird's Empty Nest
Mrs. Blackbird is broken-hearted because her babies have flown the nest.

2. The Patient Heron
The heron sits for hours by the river waiting for any unsuspecting fish to swim by. He’s hungry, but he waits very patiently...

3. Swan Swim
You are the graceful swan, gliding across the water. Listen carefully to the pianist’s quavers - those busy feet paddling under the water.

4. Gander's March
The Gander patrols the farmyard, always ready to protect his lovely lady geese from intruders. He’s handsome and proud... and just a little bit scary!

5. Flight of the Swallows
In the summer months, the swallows come to visit, gracefully and effortlessly swooping and diving through the air.

6. Penguin Parade
Every afternoon at Edinburgh Zoo, the penguins go for a walk with their keeper around the zoo grounds - they waddle along the path all in a line, looking like very cute clockwork toys. Now you can also join the ‘Penguin Parade!’

7. Twittering Sparrows
The sparrow is a busy little bird who never sits still. He always sings to himself as he flits from one branch to another...and another...

8. Circling Seagulls
Seagulls are graceful birds, but very greedy. They circle high in the air above the town, looking for opportunities to swoop down and steal scraps of food from the humans below.

9. The Lonely Albatross
The Albatross is a HUGE bird, who soars for weeks on end across the open ocean, but never in a flock - always alone. Surely he must get lonely...

10. Hungry Old Owl
Sometimes when the ground is frozen and the mice are scarce, old owl sits on the beam in the corner of the barn feeling very hungry and a little bit sad...

11. Rooster Strut
Rooster is very pleased with himself - he’s quite sure he’s the most handsome bird in the world and that all the hens love him!

12. Swirling Starlings
In the late summer evenings, just as the sun is about to set, thousands of noisy starlings take to the air and swirl above the town like a beautiful living cloud.
Program notes by Katrina Gordon

The Beginner Bundle

Select the 'Beginner Bundle' option and you will receive A Walk in the Park, First Bass, and, Feathered Friends all for 30% off.


Gander’s March - ABRSM Grade 1 / MTB Grade 1
Flight of Swallows - ABRSM Initial Grade
Penguin Parade - ABRSM Grade 1 / MTB Grade 1 / TCL Grade 1 Twittering Sparrows - ABRSM Initial Grade
Circling Seagulls - MTB Grade 3
Hungry Old Owl - ABRSM Grade 2 / TCL Grade 2
Rooster Strut - MTB Grade 2

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