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David Heyes

G.F. Handel: Concerto for double bass & piano (arr. David Heyes)

G.F. Handel: Concerto for double bass & piano (arr. David Heyes)

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About the Composition

G.F. Handel's Concerto in G minor, originally for oboe, was first transcribed for double bass by František Simandl (1840-1912) in the late 19th-century and transposed into A minor for solo tuning. 

This arrangement by David Heyes, incorporating some of the Simandl edition, restores some of the missing bars from the earlier publication and returns to the Handel’s orchestral version to create a work of rhythmic energy and character for the 21st-century. 

The four contrasting movements offer effective musical and technical challenges for the good intermediate bassist and this would make a suitable recital or study work for any bassist working in thumb position. 

Handel's Concerto would fit easily into any concert, is suitable for any audience or occasion, and demonstrates the many sonorous and technical solo possibilities of the double bass. 

Composed in about 1703 when Handel was in Hamburg, it is generally known as Oboe Concerto No.3 today, although in reality it was probably the first of the three concertos to be written. It was first published in Leipzig in 1863, well over 150 years after it was composed. 

Blair Johnston writes that "...the G minor Oboe Concerto delivers some of the more thoroughly engaging solo music to appear anywhere in Europe during the first years of the new century; Handel's genius for rich, sonorous beauty and lean musical structures is in full bloom even at the age of eighteen or nineteen..." 

Tuning Parts

This edition includes accompaniments for both solo tuning and orchestral tunings. 

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