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Lloyd Goldstein

Harry Dixon Loes: This Little Light of Mine for solo double bass (arranged by Lloyd Goldstein)

Harry Dixon Loes: This Little Light of Mine for solo double bass (arranged by Lloyd Goldstein)

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About the Arrangement

This arrangement of This Little Light of Mine was inspired by a track on Yo-Yo Ma's album, Songs of Joy and Peace. The marimba in their arrangement becomes the bouncing bow in mine. There is certainly a joyful feeling about this song! People just light up when they hear it!

About the Arranger

When Lloyd was in sixth grade, he had a dream. He envisioned playing the double bass in such a way listening audiences would be emotionally moved. He played the double bass through high school but was unprepared for college and, as a result, dropped out. 

A crucial turning point in his life came while living on a plot of land in Central Florida. He described the experience the only way he knew how, through the relation to the Biblical reference of Moses and the burning bush.

While attempting to cut wood on a table saw, he sliced his finger open. Frantic, a voice in his head told him he would never be able to play again. Fortunately, his finger healed, and for the first time, he had a clear understanding and direction of what he wanted to do. Play the double bass.

Lloyd’s experience playing the double bass encompasses both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from The University of Miami under the direction of Dr. Lucas Drew, a 21-year career with The Florida Orchestra, studying under the direction of world-renowned bassist Francois Rabbath; receiving diplomas in teaching and performance from The Institute Francois Rabbath, as well as being a certified music practitioner.

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