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Ludvig Hegner - Romance for double bass and piano

Ludvig Hegner - Romance for double bass and piano

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About the Romance

First published in Hegner's Method for Double Bass, Romance is a good introduction to cantabile playing and is based on an aria from Hegner's musical theatre work. The solo part is ideal for the progressing bassist, remaining in bass clef throughout, with the ability to demonstrate the sonorous and cantabile qualities of the double bass.

About the Composer

Ludvig Hegner (1851-1923) writes in a tonal and traditional style, making effective use of the capabilities of the solo double bass and composed a number of works for the instrument.

Alongside his orchestral duties, Hegner also gave many solo performances often playing his own works or those of his fellow bassist-composers such as Bottesini or Simandl, and after a solo performance in America, the New York Times compared Hegner to the great Dragonetti and Bottesini.

Ludvig Hegner composed a number of works for double bass, which fall into the category of 'characteristic' or 'salon' music, and are typical of music being written and performed at the end of the 19th-century. His music, however, is charming and well written for the double bass with effective and accessible accompaniments which support but never overshadow the soloist.


"Hegner's Romance is written in the Italian style and is in a highly lyrical and romantic vein...easily playable by an intermediate bassist." (ISB) 

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