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Just Intonation Workshop with Molly Sharp and Jason Heath

Just Intonation Workshop with Molly Sharp and Jason Heath

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Who is the Workshop for?

This workshop is for bass players of all levels who want to learn new ways to improve their sound, intonation, and deepen their ability to listen.

What will be covered?

We cover how sound and intonation are linked and what intervals sound like (and feel like) when they are perfectly in tune. We discuss applying this new awareness to your practicing and ensemble playing and how to make informed choices about your intonation. 

The workshop is interactive!

This workshop was recorded with bass players from around the world! It benefits from being online, as every player can try all of the exercises and listen deeply to themselves. Jason demonstrates and experiments with you throughout.

Why should you purchase the workshop?

Just Intonation can be an intimidating and obscure topic, but it doesn't have to be! We will break it down for you in simple exercises and experiments. If you are a teacher, this workshop will give you some new tools and language to help pass this knowledge on to your students.

Every Purchase Includes

•PDFs of the excerpts.

•Video of the workshop (it was recorded live).

Additional Resources used during the workshop

• Clipza

• Tunable

• Modacity

• Tonal Energy


Bundle Includes: The edited replay of the Just Intonation Workshop, and a digital copy of Molly Sharp's book, Making Double Stops Ring: A Guide to Just Intonation.

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