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Guillermo Soteldo

Piazzolla: KICHO for Double Bass & String Orchestra (Soteldo)

Piazzolla: KICHO for Double Bass & String Orchestra (Soteldo)

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After living in New York and returning to Buenos Aires in 1960, Piazzolla created the ensemble ‘Quinteto Nuevo Tango’; he defined a before and after in his career. This ensemble became the fundamental template for his future works, and he would return every time he became frustrated with another project. It should be noted with this instrumentation template, he achieved great impact at the moment, and he made his most famous pieces known.

Astor Piazzolla keeped a difficult relation with the record labels, it started at the moment when RCA Victor made a requirement, some long play (LP) with classical tangos that Piazzolla called ¿Piazzolla o no? Bailable y apiazolado, as a condition to let him record another LP with his Works called Piazzolla to interpret a Piazzolla. It is proper to say Astor Piazzolla never had the producers he deserved.

The oldest unreleased live recordings date from this time. They did not go on sale in CD format until after his death. The top moment with his Quintet was the concert at the Philharmonic Hall in New York, where they played the Devil series and the pieces that completed the Angel series.

What You Receive

Full Score, parts, and practice audio in both Orchestral and Solo Tuning.


4 – Violin I
4 - Violin II
3 - Violas
2 - Violoncellos 
1 - Double Bass 

About the Composition

KICHO, was composed by Astor Piazzolla as a tribute to the double bass player Enrique (Kicho) Díaz. The work appears for the first and one time only on the album:

(Live recording)
[G] 19/5/1970, Teatro Regina, Buenos Aires [P] 1970, RCA VICTOR Argentina

1. Palabras de introducción por Astor Piazzolla
2. Invierno porteño
3. Verano porteño
4. Otoño porteño
5. Primavera porteña
6. Buenos Aires hora cero
7. Retrato de Alfredo Gobbi
8. Revolucionario
9. Kicho

The musicians of the quintet are:

• Astor Piazzolla (bandoneón, arreglos, dirección)
• Antonio Agri (violín / viola en 2)
• Osvaldo Manzi (piano)
• Cacho Tirao (guitarra eléctrica)
• Kicho Díaz (contrabajo)

Kicho was Piazzolla's bassist in the “Quinteto Nuevo Tango” from 1960 to 1977, but Kicho's last appearance as a double bass player on a Piazzolla album recorded in 1973, called ‘Muerte del Ángel’, produced posthumously.

Kicho had two brothers, David and José. David played violin, and José played double bass. Kicho played guitar and bandoneon, but his brother José advised him to play the double bass. José was the bass player for the Oswaldo Pugliese Orchestra and the Anibal Troilo Orchestra. He was the first influence on Kicho.

Kicho was the bass player in the next orchestras:

1939 – 1959 Anibal Troilo Orchestra
Troilo – Grela Quartet
1950 Osmar Maderna Orchestra
1960 was a founder with other musicians Estrellas de Buenos Aires
1960 – 1977 Astor Piazzolla Quinteto Nuevo Tango
1962 – 1963 Quinteto Real
1969 Carlos García Orchestra
1975 – 1991 Sexteto Mayor

Kicho Díaz dies in Buenos Aires on October 5, 1992

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