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David Heyes

Teppo Hauta-aho: Koraaliaana - Miniature for double bass quartet

Teppo Hauta-aho: Koraaliaana - Miniature for double bass quartet

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About the Composition

'Koraaliaana - Miniature' is a magical work for the advanced quartet, composed in 1985, and was a favorite work at Bass-Fest (UK) for many years.

Lasting around 9-10 minutes, this is Teppo Hauta-aho at his very best, writing music that is engaging and interesting to play and demonstrating the wealth of tonal and timbral possibilities of the double bass quartet. In four clearly defined sections, the piece offers much to the enterprising and adventurous quartet who are looking for an original work that has much to say.

The introduction is rhythmically free. Basses 3 and 4 work together in time as a ground bass with bass 1 and 2 playing without meters and in the higher registers. The second section is the introduction of the chorale theme, now in time, but with added 'Teppo touches' to create something a little different. A slower middle section, played

primarily in the lower register, contrasts music of a more chordal nature, with varied rhythms and chromatic notes to add interest and atmosphere. The piece slowly winds down and relaxes onto a chord of A and E, neither major nor minor.

'Koraaliaana' is a fascinating work and full of colorful textures and timbres. There is scope to create wonderful musical tapestries and soundscapes and to demonstrate the more lyrical and sonorous qualities of the double bass quartet. Beautiful music from a great composer.


1) The first page of the score is also the first page of each individual part. Basses 1 and 2 play freely and independently, beginning approximately where it states in the score. The file is called ‘first page’.

2) Basses 3 and 4 play together, in time, independently of the other basses.

3) The music should eventually die away until there is a moment of silence before beginning with bar 2 which is the first bar of each individual part.

4) There are two possible endings and the details are included on pages 9 and 10 of the score.

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About the Composer

Teppo Hauta-aho (1941-2021) was the most prolific composer in the history of the double bass and has composed for every ability level, from the beginner to the virtuoso. His music is evocative and atmospheric, shaped by jazz and contemporary styles, and the influence of the dramatic and bleak landscapes and vistas of his native Finland are captured throughout his engaging and accessible music.

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