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David Heyes

Miniatures Book 1 for double bass & piano (edited by David Heyes)

Miniatures Book 1 for double bass & piano (edited by David Heyes)

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About the Collection

Miniatures is an ongoing series featuring long-forgotten or unknown music, primarily by bassist-composers of the late 19th and early 20th-century, and is aimed at the intermediate bassist.

This series aims to bring a wealth of rare and neglected music back to life by creating new and accessible editions with accompaniments for both solo and orchestral tunings. Primarily in the orchestral register, including some passages in thumb position, each miniature is ideal as both recital and study repertoire, offering musical and technical challenges in equal measure.

The edition includes accompaniments for both solo and orchestral tunings.

Table of Contents

1. Zygmunt Noskowski - Elegy Polonaise

Elegy Polonaise is originally for piano. Its poignant and evocative melody is played by the double bass contrasted by a more dance-like and rhythmic accompaniment.

2. Ludwig Emanuel Manoly - Albumblatt (Feuille d’Album) Op.15

Albumblatt is beautifully melodious, typical of the salon style of the late 19th-century, emphasizing the lyrical and sonorous qualities of the double bass throughout its solo range.

3. Eduard Madenski - Träumerei

Träumerei (Dreaming) has a lilting and supportive accompaniment contrasting a lyrical melody and is played in treble clef throughout. A more animated middle section adds contrast and drama.

4. Max Dauthage - Abendlied

Abendlied (Evening Song) is the first of 20 Melodic Pieces and was published in Vienna in 1911. Written in a lyrical and post-romantic style, the solo line contrasts a supportive and chordal accompaniment.

5. Gustav Láska - Arietta

Arietta was included in Book 2 of Láska’s Kontrabass-Schule (1904) and contrasts a lyrical and rhapsodic opening theme with music of a more dramatic and grandiose nature in the middle section.

6. Vojta Kuchynka - Canzonetta

Canzonetta is originally for violin and piano and was first published in Prague in 1936. It is lyrical and engaging, with a contrasting folk-like middle section that adds drama and energy, with a supportive and rhythmic accompaniment providing colour and atmosphere.

7. Giuseppe M. Marangoni - Tempo di Minuetto

Tempo di Minuetto is the second movement from Sonata in Vecchio Stile Op.43 (Sonata in an Olden Style) and is a charming and elegant minuet in ternary form. The accompaniment is chordal and supportive using an inventive harmonic language that adds interest and contrast.

Miniatures Book 1 + Daily Exercises Bundle:

Miniatures Book 1 


Daily Exercises:

(Chromatic Positions, 1 Octave Scale Study, Hammer Fingers, 4 Note Patterns, Diatonic Shifts, Scale Patterns, Fifths, Chromatic String Crossings, Neck Block Positions, Thirds, Running Thirds, Thumb Position (Hand Shapes)

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