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David Heyes

David Heyes: A Place in New England for double bass sextet

David Heyes: A Place in New England for double bass sextet

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About the Composition

"A Place in New England is played all in harmonics, apart from a few pizzicato open strings, and was composed for my younger students at Wells Cathedral School. The overall effect is evocative and atmospheric, introducing harmonics at an early stage of study. It was premiered at the school on Sunday 4 November 2018 as part of 'A Turetzky Tribute' to celebrate the 85th birthday of my great friend Bertram Turetzky. 

Bert was born in Norwich, Connecticut, and Norwich is known as 'the rose of New England'. The title of the piece was chosen before I started to write the music. A particular photo of a white wooden church, surrounded by the amazingly colored trees in Autumn was the inspiration for the piece and the music describes a day in any village or small town in New England. My trio and quartet arrangements in Harmonious Harmonics have been very successful and this is a work to compliment the shorter pieces.

Each bassist plays a limited number of harmonics - a chart is included with the score and parts - with basses 1-3 also playing in the higher thumb position. Basses 4-6 are the easier parts, playing the octave harmonics and in 4th position, and its 65 bars and contrasting moods and sound worlds create music that is expressive and haunting.

Who is this for?

A Place in New England can be played by sextet or larger forces and introduces harmonics to younger players, adding an extra dimension to their technical skills.

Harmonics for Ensemble Bundle: Includes A Place in New England for double bass sextet and Harmonious Harmonious Harmonics: Trios & Quartets for double bass (arranged by David Heyes)

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