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David Heyes

Teppo Hauta-aho: Pizzicato Pieces Book 1 for unaccompanied double bass

Teppo Hauta-aho: Pizzicato Pieces Book 1 for unaccompanied double bass

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Three great pizzicato pieces for the beginner, intermediate and progressing bassist.

Jazz Sonatine No.1 (1998) only uses 1st and 2nd positions and is a jazzy and engaging three-movement suite dedicated to three American jazz-greats - Paul Chambers, Charles Mingus, Scott LaFaro. Inventive and accessible, this is a firm favorite with young bassists and teachers alike.

Di-Ba-Dum (1998) is rhythmically exciting and inventive, contrasting jazz idioms with easy contemporary styles, and is dedicated to Richard Davis. Remaining in bass clef throughout, ideal as both study and concert repertoire, and a drumbeat could easily be added to great effect.

Pizzicato Waltz (2000) combines classical and jazz styles and is the most advanced of the set. It includes some music in treble clef with the addition of harmonic strummed chords which add color and contrast to a lively and evocative waltz. It was written for David Heyes and Bass-Fest 2000.


"Teppo Hauta-aho has certainly come up trumps with this book of pizzicato pieces...I would definitely recommend adding this volume to anyone's collection and eagerly await Book Two." [Bass News]

About the Composer

Teppo Hauta-aho (1941-2021) was the most prolific composer in the history of the double bass and has composed for every ability level, from the beginner to the virtuoso. His music is evocative and atmospheric, shaped by jazz and contemporary styles, and the influence of the dramatic and bleak landscapes and vistas of his native Finland are captured throughout his music. 

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