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David Heyes

Teppo Hauta-aho: Teppo's Tunes Book 1 for double bass & piano

Teppo Hauta-aho: Teppo's Tunes Book 1 for double bass & piano

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About the Collection

Teppo’s Tunes Book 1 is a collection of short and engaging pieces for the progressing young bassist. Each piece has its own character, employing technical and musical challenges in equal measure, with simple and supportive accompaniments which add character and contrast. Teppo Hauta-aho has written a wealth of exciting and accessible music for young bassists and demonstrates a mastery when creating mini musical soundscapes in the lower register of the double bass. 

Lullaby was composed in 1986 and revised in 2001. The theme was also used for Laura’s Lullaby and Laura’s Serenade and is a simple lyrical melody using the lower register of the double bass. A harp-like accompaniment, alongside changes of mood and style, create opportunities for the double bassist to display far more than simply technical prowess.

Sophie’s Flute Song is an exercise in simple harmonics and open strings, played pizzicato and arco, allowing the bassist to experiment with the higher ‘flute-like’ notes but played in the lower positions. The accompaniment is confident and quirky, adding new tonalities and harmonies alongside drive and momentum. It was premiered at Bass-Fest 2001.

A Little Waltz (Pieni Valssi) is a lyrical waltz melody and introduces a percussion accompaniment in the middle section. There are opportunities to play arco and pizzicato throughout the orchestral register of the double bass and to work on sustained and legato bowing. The accompaniment is ambiguous and supportive, creating an inventive against which the bassist can weave long and lyrical melodies.

A Serious Joke was written in 1986 and revised in 2001. The title has echoes of the composer’s unique and ever-present sense of humor and this lively and enjoyable piece can be used for both education and concert repertoire. It employs over a two-octave range and a ‘virtuoso’ tempo can be employed. There are changes of mood and character, a strong rhythmic momentum, and a simple melody with a rather more exotic accompaniment.

About the Composer

Teppo Hauta-aho (1941-2021) was the most prolific composer in the history of the double bass and has composed for every ability level, from the beginner to the virtuoso. His music is evocative and atmospheric, shaped by jazz and contemporary styles, and the influence of the dramatic and bleak landscapes and vistas of his native Finland are captured throughout his engaging and accessible music.


Lullaby - ABRSM Grade 5
A Little Waltz - ABRSM Grade 6 / TCL Grade 6

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