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Simón García: The Man - the Legend for unaccompanied double bass

Simón García: The Man - the Legend for unaccompanied double bass

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'The Man - The Legend' is the second work that David Heyes has commissioned from me in memory of his teacher, František Pošta. In the first "The Transience of Life" I was inspired by the great loss to the international double bass world when he died, so in this second piece I was inspired by everything that he achieved in life, particularly his legacy to the double bass world.

How does a man become a legend? For this, I looked for the main theme that sounded epic and somehow wanted to connect my two pieces dedicated to František, so this piece also has four parts, although written as one extended movement [Slow-Moderato-Slow-Moderato] with a single main theme that is developed throughout the whole piece.

'The Man - the Legend' is a piece where the performer can explore the lyrical possibilities of the double bass, harmonic passages alongside technical challenges also. [Simón García / January 2020]

The project, organised by David Heyes, brought together 18 bassists from eight countries (UK, USA, Greece, Republic of Ireland, Portugal, Australia, Canada, Turkey) to share the commission fee.

Bassist and composer Simón García was born in Mugardos (Spain) in 1977 and graduated in double bass from the Conservatorio Superior of Salamanca. He has worked as a double bassist in the Royal Orchestra of Galicia, having also performed in many orchestras throughout Spain, and is the bassist in the Symphony Wind Orchestra of A. Coruna. He has collaborated with many musicians and ensembles, particularly in the field of contemporary music, and has recorded and performed on many commercial recordings and for television and radio broadcasts.

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