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David Heyes

Vanhal: Theme & Variations for Flute (or Violin) & Double Bass (arr. David Heyes)

Vanhal: Theme & Variations for Flute (or Violin) & Double Bass (arr. David Heyes)

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About the Composition

Theme & Variations is originally for flute and violin, newly arranged by David Heyes, with a simple and inventive theme and followed by six lively and contrasting variations, ending with bright and breezy coda.

The flute has the majority of the melodic material ably supported by a lively and supportive double bass accompaniment, primarily on the G string and in low thumb position, and the G major/minor tonality offers a work of beauty and great character.

Ideal for the professional or amateur, this would fit easily into any recital and for any audience.

*Theme & Variations is for double bass in orchestral tuning.

About the Composer

Johann Baptist Vanhal (1739-1813) was a prolific and successful Czech composer and teacher. He worked in Vienna from the 1780s and was one of the first independent musicians, not employed by the Emperor or one of the many influential aristocratic families.

Vanhal composed over 700 works, including more than 100 string quartets, 73 symphonies, 95 sacred works, and a large number of instrumental and vocal works.

He composed a number of pieces for double bass, including a Concerto, which is popular with bassists into the 21st-century and is at the heart of the solo repertoire.

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