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Sebastiano Dessanay

Sebastiano Dessanay: Double Bass Technique, Zen Warm-Up N.1

Sebastiano Dessanay: Double Bass Technique, Zen Warm-Up N.1

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About the Warm-Up

The aim of this warm-up is to practice most of the basic techniques involved in playing the classical double bass (bowed) in a short amount of time while getting accustomed to the mechanics and physicality of every movement and developing muscle memory.

The various techniques are covered one by one throughout the warm-up, though some of them will occur simultaneously: try to stay focused on the main technical aspect indicated in the number/title above the section.


Every double bass player dreams of finding the "secret" of a profitable and synthetic daily warm-up. Probably this secret does not exist, but there are some good practices that allow us to better start our study sessions. In this regard, Sebastiano's contribution is really agile and useful, concentrating the main warm-up techniques in just a few minutes. Double bass players, you have no more excuses to say, "I didn't have time to warm up," with this essential approach, very little is needed!

-Davide Botto, Principal bassist at Teatro Regio di Torino Orchestra

This a great work that summarises a system to achieve and maintain a good bow technique that helps the student have a constant daily routine.

-Salvatore Maiore, Jazz double bass Professor at Conservatorio di Vicenza

An excellent tool to focus on various elements, sound attack, and bow control and conduct, string crossing, left-hand articulations, and shifts, all contributing to the production of sounds and their succession within a musical phrase, be it a scale or an orchestral excerpt.

-Sandro Fontoni, Principal bassist at Teatro Lirico di Cagliari Orchestra

About the Author

Sebastiano Dessanay is a double bassist, composer and music artist active in the European jazz, contemporary and avant-garde scene.

He currently leads his own jazz groups and he is bassist in many projects by artists in classical, jazz, contemporary, folk and pop music. He has extensively recorded as a leader, co-leader and session musician both on the acoustic and electric bass. He writes music highly informed by a strong sense of melody and mixes traditional styles with more experimental material. He has written works for jazz and classical ensembles, for the theatre, opera, dance and visual arts.

After having obtained a Double Bass Diploma at Cagliari Conservatoire in 2007 he moved to the United Kingdom. In 2009 he completed a Master in Music Composition at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, where he also obtained a PhD in Composition in 2014.

Between 2012 and 2018, he taught composition, double bass and music theory at the Royal Birmingham Junior Conservatoire, he collaborated with the Music Department at the University of Birmingham and he taught the mini double bass to young students in several schools across the Midlands.

Between 2018 and 2019, he created the ambitious 377 project, an art project dedicated to Sardinia. Alone for 14 months, Sebastiano visited the 377 municipalities of Sardinia, one a day, traveling exclusively by bicycle and with a bass ukulele, to tell his island in sounds, words and images. In 2022 the double cd 377: came out, as well as the book 377 project. Sardinia on the road with a bicycle and a ukulele, published by the prestigious Touring Club Italiano.

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