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Cole Davis

Cole Davis: Blues in All 12 Keys (bass clef edition)

Cole Davis: Blues in All 12 Keys (bass clef edition)

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About the Etudes

Addressing the harmony of the blues is a challenge on upright bass for one major reason: dominant chords. It’s always been a mystery to me why dominant chords are so difficult on the upright bass!

During the pandemic, I studied the Storch etudes extensively, and a lightbulb went off - the same way the Storch etudes employ the use of open strings to efficiently play each exercise, one can make dominant chords much easier by doing the same thing. In these etudes, I use different harmonic possibilities through where I play the open strings.

Audio Backing Tracks

The audio tracks included are at medium and fast tempos.

Cole Davis Etude Bundle: Includes Blues, ii-V-I, and Rhythm Changes (each in all 12 keys) with audio backing tracks.

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