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Cole Davis

Cole Davis: 10 ii-V-I Licks on Upright Bass (bass clef edition)

Cole Davis: 10 ii-V-I Licks on Upright Bass (bass clef edition)

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About the Book

There are plenty of ii-V-I books out there, but few of them are actually meant for the upright bass. The ii-V-I books that do exist for upright focus almost exclusively on walking bass lines, which, as we all know, is more important than soloing. The dearth of resources on 8th note lines that actually work on upright bass is what inspired me to make this book.

Most bass players, myself included, struggle over “flat keys” such as Db, Eb, etc; often because of the awkward shifting involved in hitting the dominant chords of the key. Rhythm changes and blues can be uncomfortable in those keys using the “standard” methods of fingering and positioning. This book is somewhat of a precursor to the Rhythm Changes in all 12 keys and Blues in all 12 keys books that I have available; much of the language used in this book is translated into the Rhythm Changes and Blues.

In all 3 books, I use open strings to create more possibilities, both technically and harmonically.

Bundle includes: 

1. ii-V-I Licks (bass and treble clef)
2. Blues in All 12 Keys (bass and treble clef, backing tracks)
3. Rhythm Changes (bass and treble clef, backing tracks)

*Audio tracks are included with Rhythm Changes and Blues only.

All Books Are Delivered as Digital Files

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